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Indian Motorcycle Clothing

Indian Motorcycle Clothing


1920 Indian PowerplusThe Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company started in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1901. The "Indian Motorcycle Co." was founded as the Hendee Manufacturing Company by George M. Hendee and Carl Oscar Hedström. Both Hendee and Hedström were former bicycle racers who teamed up to produce a motorcycle with a 1.75 bhp, single cylinder engine in Hendee's home town of Springfield.  Indian was America's oldest motorcycle brand and was once the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world.  Competition success played a big part in Indian's rapid growth and spurred technical innovation. One of the Indian's best early results came in the Isle of Man TT in 1911, when Indian riders Godfrey, Franklin and Moorehouse finished first, second and third. Indian star Jake De Rosier set several speed records both in America and at Brooklands in England, and won an estimated 900 races on dirt and board track racing.


Indian Motorcycle company is a almost a century old iconic American brand and has seen a resurgence today with new management and a shiny new look!  These products pay tribute to this iconic brand!


There are no available products under this manufacturer...but you can bet some are coming!