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Leather Islands Bill Lavin belts tell a story. His belts tell a story about the person wearing them...a story about music, art, a special occasion or event in this world.  Bill Lavin belts are with character and an inimitable style, a style that suits people with a story...their own story.

Bill's Soft Collection was never about price. And to this day is still the same. "When I design any belt, the price is never a consideration or a concession. I just use the best leathers I can find in the world. Marry that up with the finest quality Italian or English buckles with the most expensive silver finishes. Each dress belt is put through my revolutionary 4 piece construction, which not only allows me to make the softest belts ever, but each strap no matter how many I make, they are all the same thickness consistently because of this 4 piece construction process.. I am the only belt maker in the world doing this process.. I know just about every man’s better specialty stores worldwide has belts already in their stores, and might even have some wonderful relationships with some of those vendors. This was the premise I was up against when I began Soft Collection. So by setting the bar as high as I did coming out the box put a lot of interest out there for anyone buying belts to see what the best was in comparison to what belt products they were already buying.. It just a simple premise. There are tons of men’s belts out there, but are you ready to step up to this level?"

There are many of these Soft Collector men world wide.. Too many to mention here.. But when you have the likes of Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruz, Bob Costas, Sylvester Stallone, Paul Molitor, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and many more becoming Soft Collectors, you begin to believe that you’re on the right path with my concept… Make the best that can be.. set the bar, and they will come…

My credo: “Once you put a Soft Collection belt around your waist, you immediately become a Soft Collector”…


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Bill Lavin Soft Italian Tan Braided Leather Belt Bill Lavin Soft Italian Brown Leather Nail Head Belt Bill Lavin Soft Italian Tan Leather Belt
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Fly Price: $259.98
MSRP: $300.00

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