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ROCKMOUNT RANCH WEAR has forged a unique brand statement with core Western and high fashion. A true Western icon, ROCKMOUNT introduced the first western shirts with snaps, helped popularize Western wear as legitimate American fashion through out the US and abroad.

ROCKMOUNT'S signature look, the longest production shirt design in America, is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution. Increasingly, more major recording artists buy and wear ROCKMOUNT. These Western, Rock and Rockabilly stars wear it by choice, not as paid endorsements. ROCKMOUNT appears in dozens of films spanning Elvis classics to present day. Robert Redford, Meg Ryan, Dennis Quaid, Aidan Quinn, Nicholas Cage, Kiefer Sutherland, Woody Harrelson have all worn Rockmount.  Sold throughout the United States and most developed countries, ROCKMOUNT has a diversified line for children and adults including shirts, skirts, felt and straw hats, silk neck ties and scarves, bolo ties, belts and buckles, jewelry and accessories.

Rockmount is a 3 generation business started by Jack A. Weil (1901 - 2008) who worked daily until age 107 years old. A true pioneer, he introduced the first western shirts with snaps, and also made the first commercially produced bolo ties. Many of his innovations are standards in the industry. Western fashion is worn all over the world.  Jack A. was motivated to develop a distinctive look for cowboys, ranchers and farmers living in the American West. They had special boots and hats but wore ordinary work shirts. Jack A's special shirt styles have many features different from conventional shirts. His ROCKMOUNT shirts are slim fitting to accentuate the body, whereas conventional shirts were boxy. A better fitting shirt is less likely to get caught or snagged while riding the range. The shirt yokes broaden a man's shoulders. The flap pockets fasten to better hold their contents. The snap fasteners have a break away function to let loose if the shirt got caught, and hold more permanently than buttons. Can you imagine a cowboy who likes to sew?

Today, what distinguishes ROCKMOUNT from other brands is the company's commitment to quality and classic design. Few other companies offer a range of over 100 fabrics including many of the fashion world's finest fabrics, also the softest plonge leather. While other companies fall all over each other copying what seems to be selling that season, ROCKMOUNT is committed to going its own way.


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