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Worn Free's mission is simple: To resurrect the coolest T-Shirts of all time.

We reproduce shirts worn by such Legends as John Lennon, Joey Ramone, Frank Zappa, Debbie Harry, Gram Parsons,Johnny Ramone and Joan Jett to name but a few!  Worn Free's collection of T-shirts also features designs created by such legendary artists as John Van Hammersveld, Alan Aldridge, Robert Crumb and Jim Fitzpatrick. Worn Free is constantly adding to Worn Free's collection of iconic vintage tees, so check back often.

Worn Free's custom-made t-shirts are 100%, ultra soft, luxurious, pre-washed cotton. Each shirt comes with a presentation satin sticker hang-tag in the form of a backstage pass with a photograph of the artist wearing the original shirt or the artist's original design. We sometimes apply different types of printing methods and processes in order to achieve an authentic, vintage t-shirt worn in look.

All of the t-shirts and images that we use are fully licensed from the estates and individuals concerned.  Worn Free Shirts are Fully Legal, But Criminally Comfortable!


Debbie Harry Punk T-Shirt Wornfree Indian Chief Shirt Frank Zappa Rental T-Shirt
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