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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. I placed a phone order, now what I do?
2. Will sales tax be added to my order?
3. What Form of Payment Do You Accept?
4. How do I process an order with a money order?
5. I would like to fax my order. Where can I send it?
6. Where is the CVV number located on my credit card?
7. How do I enter an APO or FPO address?
8. I am having trouble placing and order on the website, what should I do?
9. When I checkout, I keep getting pushed back to where I started on my order. What is happening?
10. I received an error that my username is too long and my order didn't seem to go through.
11. How long does shipping take?
12. How can I tell if my order was processed?
13. You qualify for free shipping! US Only.


1. Is your web site secure?
2. Do you share my e-mail with other companies?
3. Are cookies used on the website?
4. I recently saw activity on my account but havent been on Flyclothing.com lately. Should I worry?


1. Do you ship internationally?
2. How much is international shipping to....?


1. What is your return policy?
2. Where do I send my return or exchange?
3. Do you pay for me to return or exchange items ordered from Flyclothing.com?
4. How long does it take to receive a refund on returned items?


1. I would like to use one of your coupon offers. How do I input a coupon code?
2. How long has FlyClothing been in business?
3. Does Flyclothing have a store I can visit?
4. What are your hours of operation?
5. Do you have a catalog of all your products?
6. How do I track my order?
7. May I see the disclaimer for the replica sunglasses?
8. Do you offer wholesale?
9. How can I tell which is men's and which is women's?
10. My package says it was delivered, but I didnt receive it. Now what?
11. What does Product Status "Discontinued" mean?
12. Why should I shop with Flyclothing.com?
13. What is your women's sizing?
14. I can't login to my account. What should I do?


1. What materials are the Dragonfly Clothing shirts and what are the chest dimensions?
2. What materials are the Steady Clothing shirts and what are the chest dimensions?
3. What are the dimensions of the Fender fashion shirts?
4. What are the shirt dimensions for English Laundry Clothing?
5. What are the dimensions for the 191 Unlimited Shirts?
6. What are the dimensions for Rockmount Clothing?
7. What are the dimensions for Roar Clothing


1. I havent seen any new product from Fender or English Laundry lately. Will you be bringing in more?
2. How do I know if my order has been shipped?
3. Everytime I checkout, my cart is empty.
4. Do you have a size chart for Rockhouse Clothing?
5. How can I tell if an item is on clearance?
6. I signed up for the newsletter and havent received my special offer. When should I get it?


1. How it works
2. What are the payment options for commissions?
3. What is the minimum transfer amount?
4. What is commissions clearance?
5. I operate more than one website. Do I need multiple Affiliate accounts?
6. What about product returns?
7. Who gets the credit if the customer followed more than one affiliate link before placing the order?
8. Can I direct customers to a particular page on your web-site?