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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I shop with Flyclothing.com?

That's a great question!  In the days where service has become impersonal and everything is done electronically, it is tough to create a relationship with a person or business without the upfront contact.  I feel the same way when going to a outdoor bank ATM instead of a personal teller, a grocery stores with self checkout or calling any large business with 20 prompts before I can talk to someone.  If you look around, everything has become impersonal and disconnected.  When judging whether an online company deserves your business though, examine these factors:


  • Does the business have the products I want?

  • Are the prices good? 

  • How quick are orders processed and shipped?

  • How easy is it to return/exchange items? 

  • Am I rewarded for shopping with this company? 

  • Does the company answer emails, phone calls and live chat quickly? 

  • Is the site secure?

  • What is the company's Privacy Policy?

At Flyclothing.com, we have proudly been taking care of customers for over 12 years!  That should say something right there.  Most business don't last past 5 years and online may even be less.  Flyclothing pioneered many brands and styles online and helped many manufacturers build their own web presence.  We strive to take care of every customer personally and in a timely manner, whether it be finding a product on our site or another.  We have always focused on carrying the coolest selection of rock and roll, fashion and retro apparel available AND...at the best prices--even if it means arguing with manufacturers over pricing.  We make cool products affordable and process orders within 24 hours (most of the time or even the same day--if lucky).  We also offer several coupons and free shipping for even more savings.  We try to answer every email, phone call and live chat in a timely manner.  We understand we are just a "click away" from the next business and want to strive to earn your business.  We make our exchange/returns easy with no prior approval.  Returns/Exchanges simply have to be received within 15 days of receiving the order for the exchange/returns to be approved  (During the holidays, we extend the policy to 45 days).


We want you to be sure about doing business with us! If you are still not sure about doing business with us, read our customer testimonials.  We are proud of the fact that actual customer have taken the time to write about their excellent service with our company.  You can also check our eBay rating.  We have a perfect record of satisfying customers on eBay.


Our site is 256-bit encrypted for your protection as well as PCI compliant.  FlyClothing, LLC is also committed to respecting the privacy rights of all visitors to our web site. FlyClothing will not share any information obtained on this site with any other company or sell information obtained on this site to any company or marketing group unrelated to FlyClothing, LLC.


Finally, we have a Customer Loyalty Program that rewards you for shopping with us.  If you create an account with Flyclothing.com, every time you make a purchase, you collect points which can be used for even more discounts off your future order.  The points can be used like cash upon checkout!  We have coupons, easy returns, fast & free shipping and a Customer Loyalty Program!  What else is there?


With so many companies online selling goods and services, it is difficult to find a company that tries to personalize and an impersonal shopping experience.  At Flyclothing.com, we try to treat you like a friend and provide you the best products, price and service available.  Someday we hope we can serve you!





Jonathan Hedden