Connor Hats

Connor hats for men, women and children.  Handmade. Responsibly Grown, Beautifully Made.

Bill Conner (“BC”) was introduced to the art of leatherwork by Stan Thompson in St. Augustine, Florida in April 1969. Even then, the idea of crafting products by hand, one at a time, was considered old fashioned.  However, BC’s acute attention to quality craftsmanship allowed his newfound hobby to blossom into a family business.

BC fleshed out his repertoire of leather goods to include sandals, bags, belts, saddles, and of course, hats. He registered his company as BC Leather, and began selling his creations at art-and-craft fairs around Florida with his wife Marion and baby son, Will. In the spirit of the 70s, they often set up a teepee as a display, which also doubled as a playpen for Will to keep out of the hot Florida sun.

With the move, Bill honed in on refining his leather hats, which were already amongst his best selling items. With this specialization, also came the realization of wholesaling, which would allow him to sell to stores all around Australia, while living wherever he liked.

Truly an Australian original, BC Hats have stood the test of time and continue to bring a taste of Australia to hat wearers around the globe.

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