Sailor Jerry Clothing

Sailor Jerry Clothing including mens tee, womens tee and accessories

The undisputed father of the old-school tattoo, Sailor Jerry lived a life worth emulating. He didn't knuckle under to anyone or walk like a lemming into the slow death march of conformity.

We keep his art alive by putting it on clothes. We keep his spirit alive by striving to embody it.

We respect tradition. We disdain convention. We do not follow the standard industry practice of making everything as cheap as possible overseas. All our t-shirts are custom-made, sewn, dyed and printed in the USA. Our plaids are original to us. So are our chambrays. And we're diehards about finding kickass quality materials that also feel good to wear. Our creative method is simple: if we want it, we make it. If we don't, we won't.

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